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MYOB AccountRight Latest Release – Version 2.7

We are happy to announce our exciting update features for MYOB AccountRight users in our latest version 2.7. These features will give MYOB users ease of use and efficiency in their day-to-day tasks. These upgrades give convenience and control to the merchants using MYOB AccountRight as an accounting suite for their businesses. MYOB Version 2.7 […]

MYOB v2.5 – Recently Released

MYOB version 2.5 has just been released! We have added a number of features, most notably invoice additions and customer profiles significantly easier to identify. And we are excited to share these new features with you. New features are as follows. Invoice Types...

NZ Post – Ratefinder API Introduction

OPMC’s NZ Post and WooCommerce integration, version 3.0 has just released and we are thrilled to share with you the introduction of NZ Post’s Ratefinder API.   Our plugin now supports both new and old NZ Post APIs- Ratefinder and Shipping options.    Hence,...