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Professional web hosting and the curse of the better offer

As a professional web hosting business we naturally feel a bit of pain when a client offers up that they’re leaving for a better deal. It sucks when someone leaves us for a cheaper deal. There are different types of better deals that they are getting, some are really...

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eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing remains to this day, the best way to retain and gain returning customers to your eCommerce store. That’s why we have prepared a guide on eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume you currently have a list...

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How To Increase Average Order Value In Your eCommerce Store

How To Increase Average Order Value In Your eCommerce Store There are 4 major ways to increase the profitability of your eCommerce store: Acquire more customers Increase conversion rates Increase lifetime value of customers (retention) Increase average order value per...

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WooCommerce Security – How To Secure Your Online Store

Setting up a brand new WooCommerce store is an exciting venture. Your blood’s pumping and you’re imagining all the money that’s going to flow in. In the rush of it all, it’s common for many business owners to forget the most critical step - WooCommerce security. Who’d...

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[Dropshipping Plugin] Version Update

We've just updated our WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin to provide more information to show in the packing slip file (when orders are sent to suppliers via the plugin, they can dropship your products with your packing slips). This improvement will make it easier for...

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