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How is OPMC’s Odoo for WooCommerce plugin affected by PHP8?

How does PHP8 affect the XML-RPC module for OPMC’s Odoo for WooCommerce plugin?



XML-RPC is a PHP module that is needed to communicate with Odoo. This should be enabled on your hosting server in order for both applications to connect and was by default, up until PHP 8.

OPMC’s Odoo for WooCommerce plugin requires the XML-RPC module to be enabled so the plugin can perform accordingly.


What is XML-RPC?



Basically, XML-RPC is a PHP module specification that standardises communication between different servers. It was first created back in 1998 and has been part of WordPress since its inception. XML-RPC has been largely replaced with the REST API in WordPress, due to its outdated performance including many security vulnerabilities such as DDos attacks and Brute Force attacks.


Check your Current PHP version is 8+ (eg. 8.0, 8.1)