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Welcome to OPMC.

Our passion is creating, managing and growing successful Online Stores for our Clients.

*We also specialise in FinTech solutions with Payment Express, Freshbooks and Alipay.

WooCommerce - eCommerce Solutions

We're committed to providing you a stress-free, "leave-it-to-us" approach to WooCommerce. Take advantage of our 14 years of eCommerce experience...

Web Hosting For Business

As a business owner, how much time do you spend dealing to web hosting and email problems?

Industry News

Good news for those who advertise online: Australians actually click on your ads.

Integration Services

Payment Express ( is a great, flexible 3rd party...

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high quality web solutions to our clients, that inspire them to refer us to others.


Australia FinTech Market Is Growing Faster Than The U.S.

Australia’s rapidly expanding markets has now overtaken the U.S. in terms of FinTech Adoption (according to Noah Breslow, Chief Executive of U.S. SME lending company, OnDeck Capital). Breslow says that in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is now the second-largest...

Help, My Website Has Been Hacked!

Has your Wordpress website been hacked? In most cases, website hacks are not done directly by hackers, but through automated scripts - robots programmed to crawl the web, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. But don’t panic, this article will show you how to fix...

5 Proven Strategies To Improve Customer Retention

How important is customer retention? Is it worth investing resources to improve customer retention? Many businesses make the unfortunate mistake of placing all their focus on gaining new customers. However, research and experience has shown time and time again,...