Trust Swiftly Partnership Blog: OPMC Anti-Fraud for WooCommerce

Trust Swiftly, an advanced identity verification solutions provider, has recently integrated with OPMC’s Anti-Fraud Plugin, a distinguished fraud prevention plugin tailored for WooCommerce stores. This collaboration is poised to fortify online security and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions for businesses utilizing the popular WooCommerce platform.

Enhanced Fraud Detection:

By seamlessly integrating Trust Swiftly’s cutting-edge identity verification technology with the Anti-Fraud Plugin, businesses can significantly bolster their fraud detection capabilities. This powerful combination enables merchants to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions more effectively, ensuring a secure online environment.

Optimized Customer Experience:

Trust Swiftly’s integration with the Anti-Fraud Plugin facilitates dynamic customer identity verification before or after checkout. This streamlined process guarantees a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for customers, reinforcing their confidence in online transactions.

Customizable Fraud Settings:

OPMC’s Anti-Fraud Plugin empowers businesses with various customizable security settings based on AI-detected fraud. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their fraud prevention efforts according to their specific risk tolerance and industry requirements, offering a personalized approach to security.

Patrick Scanlan, co-founder of Trust Swiftly, stated, “Our partnership with OPMC’s Anti-Fraud Plugin will provide WooCommerce shops an additional layer of security and peace of mind. At Trust Swiftly, we are helping businesses fight identity fraud and detecting bad actors, whether it’s stolen IDs, deepfakes, or bots—they can be stopped.”

Empowering Businesses with Enhanced Security:

The collaboration between Trust Swiftly and OPMC allows eCommerce businesses to swiftly enhance their security defenses. Businesses can now leverage advanced identity verification measures to safeguard against the rising tide of fraudulent activities, promoting a secure online ecosystem.

Chris Bryant, Director of OPMC, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Trust Swiftly as another layer of security. Our joint efforts will empower businesses to mitigate risks associated with online payments by allowing WooCommerce stores to verify their customers.”

TrustSwiftly Integration Details:

To take advantage of the TrustSwiftly integration with the Anti-Fraud Plugin, merchants can enable and configure it through the TrustSwiftly sub-menu under WooCommerce settings. This seamless integration offers businesses the following customization options:

  • Trust Swiftly Enable/Disable: Easily toggle TrustSwiftly features on or off.
  • API Key: Enter your TrustSwiftly API Key for authentication.
  • Base URL: Input your TrustSwiftly URL for seamless communication.
  • Validation Method: Choose verification methods, with more options planned for future releases.
  • Verification Template: Select the verification template from your TrustSwiftly account templates.
  • When to Verify: Opt for verification before or after checkout, depending on your preferences.
  • Select Threshold Weight: Define the threshold for detecting and requiring TrustSwiftly verification.


Trust Swiftly’s collaboration with OPMC’s Anti-Fraud Plugin marks a significant step forward in combating online fraud for WooCommerce merchants. The integration of advanced identity verification measures ensures a secure and trustworthy online shopping experience, reinforcing the commitment to safeguarding businesses and customers alike. To learn more about this powerful partnership, visit Link to Trust Swiftly and Anti-Fraud Plugin’s Partnership.