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Odoo and WooCommerce Release Version 2.4 – Plugin Version Update

Odoo version 2.4 is here and packed with all the cron edits you ever needed. This plugin update is here for better performance and functionality. 


If you have been affected from any of the below please update your plugin to resolve this.


Customer import – email address changes


Customers from Odoo to Woo are imported based on email address as primary/unique key. Whenever the email address of a customer is changed in Odoo the customer’s profile will also update the email address accordingly, so no new customer is created. 


Importing products cron update 


Products imported in Odoo are now being exported to WooCommerce correctly. Before there were issues with the cron not functioning 100%. 


Import refunds – resolved

Options considered as refund – Invoice refund, partial refund and stock refunds will now import to WooCommerce accordingly. Any issues with this have been resolved.


“Export invoice” – removed


“Export invoice” has been removed in Woo’s settings due to the fact that Odoo operates and treats orders and invoices together through their system


Wrong credentials error when installing plugin


When the Odoo plugin is installed, the customer immediately receives an error message that claims credentials are wrong, even before entering them.


This has now been resolved so that any error notification is displayed when credentials are incorrect


Mark invoice as paid


Mark invoice as paid made option located under section exporting orders is marked as default for when order status is marked ‘Completed’ we have ensured this setting is not automatically selected.


Export issues that have been resolved in Odoo version 2.4:

  • Independent export product settings: 


Update products

Synchronise stock 

Synchronise price 


  • Selecting the option to exclude products in certain categories exporting products regardless.


  • Customers also export regardless of settings selected. 



These issues above have been resolved so that all export crons are functioning as they should. No more difficulties with this. All resolved in Odoo version 2.4.