Our Partners

OPMC partners with MaxMind to deliver state of the art eCommerce fraud prevention tools to our customers, via our eCommerce fraud prevention software for WooCommerce. MaxMind’s Director of Product, Miguel Atienza says:

“Our partnership with OPMC stands out for the responsiveness, ease of collaboration, and shared commitment to our joint customers.”

You can find out more about MaxMind by visiting their website here:

OPMC partners with Trust Swiftly to offer eCommerce merchants a seamless solution to combat fraud with identify verifications. This collaboration aims to strengthen online security and minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions for businesses using the popular WooCommerce platform. Patrick Scanlan, co-founder of Trust Swiftly, says:

“Our partnership with OPMC’s Anti-Fraud Plugin will provide WooCommerce shops an additional layer of security and peace of mind.”

You can find out more about Trust Swiftly via their website here: