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Dropshipping and WooCommerce Plugin Update – Introducing Version 4.3

Dropshipping v 4.3 is now here. A plugin release fulfilled with resolutions for better and optimal performance. Please update your plugin to access these features. 



Faster site loading


Faster site loading has also made an appearance in this release. Please update your plugin if your site loading speed has been affected. 



Int Empty price fields 


Int Empty price fields are no longer converted to an empty string so empty prices no longer shown as string but kept as int.



Supplier’s order notifications  


Supplier’s order notifications are arranged so that cancellation order notifications do not send on ‘On-hold’ or ‘Processing’ orders. Suppliers notifications are working as they should.



Internal server error message at checkout – removed


Internal server error messages on orders at checkout has now been removed in Dropshipping version 4.3. Please update your plugin to access this.



Unfulfilled shipping address – Error removed


Errors when there is no shipping address input has been resolved



Supplier emails price format


Incorrect price format in suppliers emails has been resolved.