OPMC and MaxMind Partnership Announces New Features for the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugin

OPMC is proud to announce that the recent partnership with MaxMind has enabled advanced new features for our WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin. 

The WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin is one of the most effective and easiest ways for online retailers to avoid losses from online payment fraud.

A recent report by MasterCard indicates that global ecommerce fraud is increasing, with losses reaching $41 million in 2022 and predicted to exceed $48 billion in 2023. North America has the highest fraudulent transaction value globally, accounting for over 42% of ecommerce fraud.

Merchants are recommended to protect their online transactions from risks, especially as we head into peak ecommerce sales season.   

We have elevated fraud prevention by incorporating MaxMind’s minFraud® service into our WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin. Our collaboration with MaxMind ensures that each transaction on your ecommerce site undergoes rigorous scrutiny, assigning risk scores and analyzing data from various angles such as email and billing addresses, VPN use, and IP geolocation.

What sets OPMC’s WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin apart from any other fraud prevention integration?

The level of customization OPMC offers merchants is what sets us apart from any other integration in the market. With our MaxMind partnership, merchants can now tailor their security measures to each transaction, drawing on machine learning models and a global risk assessment transaction network. This proactive approach enables real-time fraud detection, offering business owners peace of mind by safeguarding their businesses around the clock.

The plugin features are robust and diverse, offering rule-based settings that mesh seamlessly with major payment gateways, allowing merchants to fine-tune their fraud prevention strategies. The user-friendly dashboard presents a complete transaction overview, equipping businesses with both assessment and verification tools with which to swiftly distinguish genuine customers from fraudulent activities. 

Our primary aim with the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin is to arm merchants, web agencies, and developers with cutting-edge tools to avert online fraud without complicating everyday business operations.

How Does WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Amplify Safeguards with the MaxMind Integration?

OPMC’s WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin, powered with MaxMind’s minFraud service, significantly enhances its capability to safeguard online businesses  from fraudulent activities by focusing on the scoring system.

Scoring System

The integration with MaxMind introduces an AI-based system to the scoring process. This system scrutinizes every transaction, assigning a risk score based on numerous data points. The final data score is passed on to WooCommerce Anti-fraud plugin. If the risk score returned exceeds the threshold, the transaction will be considered potentially fraudulent and will contribute to the overall fraud score calculation.  

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud gives the capability to integrate with minFraud riskScore, minFraud Insights or minFraud Factors depending on what you want to opt for. 

Get automated and integrated anti-fraud protection. Download the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin today to reduce fraudulent transactions.