Complete the Alipay Security Checks

Before you can complete a payment transaction at Alipay, you first have to complete some security checks.  You have two choices – depending on the browser you’re using:-

Firefox and Chrome/Chromium:  With these browsers, you can download a “security control” called “aliedit” – and run it on your computer.  Once you’ve restarted your browser, you’ll then be able to complete test transactions (at least), by just entering the two test account passwords.

Other Browsers:  For all other browsers, the standard mobile phone based security check is made.  In other words, you enter your SMS-capable mobile phone number.  Then Alipay send it the security code – which you enter into the box provided.  You’ll also have to enter a Captcha (in addition to the two test account passwords), every time you make a test transaction.


  1. For translation purposes, you’ll very likely be using either the Chrome or Firefox web browsers (to make the test transactions), and;
  2. Alipay auto-detects Chrome and Firefox – and encourages the use of the downloadable security control with them,

we’ll focus on this method of getting through Alipay security.