Testing the Payment Gateway

Please note due to changes on the AliPay website – the documentation below is out of date – we have left it here whilst new documentation is being created.

For general information, please refer to the AliPay website FAQ here.

One very useful feature of Alipay Cross-Border is that you can make FREE test transactions (to check that the gateway is installed and working properly).

This is done by sending an order to Alipay with the customer email address alipay_test@alipay.com.  And then completing the transaction with the following passwords:-

  1. Login Password:  alipay
  2. Payment Password:  alipay1  (that’s the number one; NOT a lowercase L)

However, you CAN’T do this on just any order.  Because if you could, a knowledgeable customer could use those (publicly available) credentials when placing their order.  And get the goods for free.

To prevent this happening, you must:-

  • Create an Alipay Test Customer – with “billing address”:  alipay_test@alipay.com.
  • Select that customer on the plugin’s Settings screen.
  • Enable “Allow One Cent Test transactions” on the plugin’s Settings screen, before putting any test transactions through (and disable it again once you’ve finished).

The most important part is creating that Alipay Test Customer correctly.  Click Create the Alipay Test Customer for full details…