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Express Website Cleanup

Express Website Cleanup


Fix your hacked website, quick.

It’s important that if your website is hacked, it is fixed as soon as possible. Hacked websites can affect business, pose security risks to your customers and affect the ranking of your site on Google.

OPMC offers an emergency fix for websites that have been hacked or compromised. For a one-time fee, OPMC will examine your website files for malicious code, remove the malicious code from your files and then upload replacement cleaned files back to your website.

What can we fix?

  • Malware that affects your website’s security
  • Malicious WordPress plugins and scripts
  • Unwanted redirects to external links
  • Unwanted changes to the function and appearance of your website
  • Corrupted databases

+ much more.

If we can’t fix your website, you get your money back.

Most of the time, our technicians are easily able to fix and restore your website. However, your purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning that if we can’t fix the issue, you will be refunded.

How does it work?

  • After purchasing the Express Website Cleanup, we will be in touch with you via the email you provided when purchasing.
  • In order to fix the problem, we will need access to your hosting account. This is necessary to access and repair the files, permissions and database associated with your website. Your login information will be discarded after the cleanup is complete.
  • Once we have access, we will begin work on restoring your website. All malicious code, files and database information will be removed.
  • Once complete, we will notify you. If we couldn’t fix the issue, you will receive a 100% refund.


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