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FinTech Australia chair steps down

The founding chair of FinTech Australia stepped down and Stuart Stoyan, founder and chief executive of marketplace lender, MoneyPlace, has taken over.  Simon Cant is credited with founding the association in November 2015, authoring the initial call to action making...

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What Shopping Will Look Like in the Next Decade

Shifts in lifestyles, urban environments and retail operations and logistics will transform the way people shop in the future, a new CBRE report predicts.  From robots to smart mirrors, the world of retail will look like a very different place in 2030.  Cashier-less...

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Human error biggest security concern for ANZ businesses

Analysing the responses of 3000 IT and application security specialists around the world, ANZ participants are significantly more concerned about employees underestimating the impact of not following security than global counterparts.  Nearly half of the ANZ...

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The 3 threats to Australian retailers in 2018

There are now 38 Top 250 global retailers operating in Australia.  And over the past 12 months, new players outside of the Top 250 have entered Australia, says David White, national leader of Deloitte’s Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Group.  While the retail...

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