WooCommerce Ninja Forms – Compatibility & Stability Improvements

Following recent updates to the official Ninja Forms plugin, we have made huge compatibility improvements to our plugin to guarantee its compatibility with current and future versions.

Recently, Ninja Forms made some updates to the way it handles products. This was in the form of a complete rework of code. This rework of code was causing some issues in our plugin’s functionality. We’re proud to say that our developers have been able to fix the following bugs:

  • We fixed an error where if you create an extra option for a product, then the product total price is not getting calculated correctly. All prices should be correct now.
  • We have fixed an error which was causing the page to go blank when “Add to Cart” was clicked.
  • We fixed an error which was causing a product’s price not to show when the plugin is active.
  • Auto-calculation has been depreciated with the newest version of Ninja Forms. We have modified our plugin to accommodate these changes.
  • We have moved several other depreciated functions which could potentially cause bugs.

Download WooCommerce Ninja Forms

WooCommerce Ninja Forms Product Add-ons‘ integrates the powerful form creation possibilities of Ninja Forms into your WooCommerce store’s products. This lets users customise their orders with input fields, checkboxes and more. It also allows you to upsell products by adding additional costs to these inputs.

Easily add form fields to your product detail screens.
Optionally add charges to your added form fields, and preserve the information on the order line item.