As a business owner, how much time do you spend dealing to web hosting and email problems?

How Well Does Your Web Host Deal To Problems?

It’s likely that you’ve come to this page because you’re frustrated by the time you waste and problems you face dealing to your web person about web hosting and email issues.

“Before joining OPMC I thought their pricing was much more expensive than my problem ridden web hosting plan. Now it seems much cheaper for the service provided & pain removed!”

Since starting OPMC in 2003, what I’ve found is an ever increasing improvement in technology – what we could do a decade ago pales in comparison to how easy things are now.

The advent of amazing new technology means that now more than ever, it’s easy for anyone to offer web hosting services.

  • Your hairdresser or 15 year old nephew can host your website just as easily as a professional firm.
  • Likewise, your “professional” web hosting firm can host a website much cheaper than they could 12 months ago.

What If There Was A Better Way?

We find the common major danger with both of these scenarios, is all about ability to deal to a problem when it arises. If they can’t deal to the problems, professionally and promptly, nothing else really matters.

  1. If you have just anyone hosting your site, you’re likely to not only go offline and lose service for a week or more when there’s a problem, but your provider might just disappear overnight.
  2. The same can be said if a larger “professional” business hosting your site has systemic issues – large amounts of time get spent by you, trying to get your website and email back online, and it’s a recurring theme.

It’s when you have a problem that is a true judge of the quality of a web hosting & email provider.

Seeing these issues time and time again with our new clients who were desperately seeking web hosting help due to current disasters, we’re well equipped to exit you out of a troublesome and into a reliable and consistent service.

We understand you want to spend your time running your business, not on phone and email support so we invest a lot of time and resources to ensure our systems and services are getting better over time.

Removing The Pain – The Next Steps That Will Save You Hours Every Month

Why not call us on 02 9955 2237 and tell us your web hosting challenges? We’ll provide advice about the situation and what we’d do about it if it’s an area we can help with.

Or, tell us your issues with the form below and we’ll give you feedback about how our reliable service will save you time.

Yours in Painless Web Hosting,

Chris Bryant
Founder & Director

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Debbie Hopper, Clinical Director, Life Skills 4 Kids & Abilitations Australia

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