Revamping an existing Online Store

A successful online store needs constant love and attention to generate the best results for your business.

After 2-5 years you may find that your online store is getting dated, perhaps little, tired, cumbersome and not achieving your objectives.

“After a few years, we were having issues with our online store.

It was difficult to run marketing promotions, the site was regularly breaking down and even our web developer had trouble with it.

We simply weren’t getting the progress and results we wanted with our ecommerce site.

We engaged OPMC to review the situation. They listened to our issues and requirements and put together a solution that solved our problems.

OPMC now advises us ongoing on the success of our online store.

As our business has grown, we’ve also had OPMC revitalise a second online store we acquired.

We’d recommend OPMC for any business that is unhappy with their ecommerce website.”

Debbie HopperDebbie Hopper is passionate about empowering parents and teachers to help children with concentration difficulties. She is the Clinical Director of Life Skills 4 Kids and Abilitations Australia. and

Sometimes there’s problems that can be patched and tidied up to maintain effectiveness.

As time goes on, perhaps they can’t be solved as easily with just a few simple changes.

At some point it becomes too expensive to maintain the existing site and you need to look at other options.

Whatever your situation is, if you already have an online store and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to, why not call us for a second opinion?

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