Manage your website yourself

Starting out – Get a new website set up quickly and easily

These days, it’s easy to manage your own website, yourself.

We use, and recommend WordPress to run your website. It’s a modern piece of software loved by customers and us too. It’s really easy to use.

Our Self Managed Website web hosting plan comes with WordPress installed at no extra charge on a yearly plan. You can have a basic website up and running quickly and easily.

But WordPress alone does not make a good website. We recommend you also get our specialised assistance and advice to make improvements to WordPress and get it working how you want it to for your business. You choose how many improvements you want, or tell us your budget and we can make suggestions.

Either way, we’d like you to think of us as your website partner. Any ideas, thoughts or help you need, we’ll be here to assist and guide you.

Growing – Improve on your existing website

Whether you would like to be able to edit your existing website moving forward, or you’d like something more customised and unique, we also offer services to make this happen.

There is no solution that fits everyone. Everyone’s situation is different, and we find after a conversation we can better advise you on how we can help. So contact us and we can discuss it further.