There Are TWO Alipay Payment Gateways Plugins – Have You Got The Right One?

There are two different Alipay payment gateway plugins:-

More specifically, these two plugins (and the differences between them,) are:-

The Conventional Alipay Payment Gateway

This is for use by eCommerce websites inside Mainland China.  These websites will typically:-

  • Be in the Chinese language,
  • Have prices and Renminbi/Yuan (the Chinese currency), and;
  • Be owned/operated by someone with  a Chinese bank account.

Thus, the website’s customers make payments in Renminbi/Yuan, which payments are deposited directly into the website’s internal Chinese bank account.

The Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway

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This is for use by eCommerce websites outside Mainland China (who want to sell to individuals and businesses inside Mainland China).   These websites will typically:-

  • Be in some language other than Chinese,
  • Have prices in some currency other than Renminbi/Yuan (the Chinese currency),
  • Be owned/operated by someone without a Mainland China bank account,

So in this case, while the website’s customers will pay in Renminbi/Yuan, these payments will then be converted in whatever currency the website’s overseas (= outside Mainland China)  bank account is in – before being deposited into that bank account.

Thus with Alipay Cross-Border:-

  • You can sell into the lucrative Chinese market
  • Your Chinese customers will pay in the currency they are familiar with (and have no currency exchange issues to worry about), and;
  • You, the website/merchant,  also have no currency exchange issues to worry about.  Payments are deposited into your bank account outside Mainland China, in whatever currency that bank account is in.