Design Agency Partner Program

OPMC is a 14 year old specialist web development firm. We are trained in all aspects of web development.

We partner with quality design agency businesses, to make their lives easier by providing assistance web development and hosting, only in the areas only where it is needed.

Our Partner Program is a flexible method to have a quality web developer, in a way that you require them in your business, backed by an entire team, without the overheads of employing someone yourself.

We are not like these “Offshore outsourcing firms”. We are located in Surry Hills, Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand, and all work is managed here.

During the past 14 years, we have provided value in solving existing complex development issues, as well as creating new website systems.

During this time, we have worked with a number of agencies and designers.

We find many of the challenges Agencies have is taking on the work themselves when the internal capability to do so doesn’t allow for a full servicing of the client’s needs. We can fill the gap appropriately for any short term emergencies, and work with you to find the most appropriate way to service your requirements ongoing.

Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial long term relationships with designers and design agencies.

We can operate as us in the client’s eyes, or as ourselves – it’s up to you.