Business E-mail

Are you currently using,, or similar for your business e-mail?

Having a professional business e-mail address is important to send a professional message to new and existing clients.

Most of our clients are not “tech savvy”, so getting a professional business e-mail is as simple as contacting us. Now the only thing standing in the way of you having a professional business e-mail address is you. So do something about it!

Call us on 02 9955 2237, or send us an e-mail by clicking here. We can then advise you on your specific situation and how we can help.

A brief rundown of our e-mail services are as follows:

  • 1 E-mail address
  • Webmail (Access your e-mail from anywhere in the world)
  • Support via e-mail and our online help
  • $2.95 + GST/month*

This plan is developed for if you are not ready to invest in a website yet. It allows you to have a professional business e-mail account, such as, for an affordable price.

*This service requires a domain name to be purchased to work. Combined with an, .com or another domain name, and we will have your new e-mail up and running in no time.

Extra e-mail addresses only $1.95 + GST per month each

We also offer set up of your business e-mail through Gmail / Google Business Apps if you prefer.