OPMC Plugin Development and Commercialisation Services

At OPMC, we specialise in developing and maintaining powerful plugins that power online stores. 

We currently have dozens of plugins we actively manage and update, from dropshipping plugins for managing your store’s inventory, to plugins that protect you and your business from fraudulent transactions.

OPMC manages thousands of plugin subscribers and has the resources and know-how to support all of these customers on a daily basis.

We can either customise an existing plugin to suit your particular needs, as part of our plugin fast track service; or we can develop an entirely new plugin from the ground up as part of our customisation service.

OPMC also offers a commercialisation service, so you can have your new plugin distributed across our WooCommerce and WordPress platforms.


Plug-in Development

If you are looking for a particular plugin that doesn’t currently exist and you don’t have the time or resources to develop it, we can help! 

OPMC is one of the largest ecommerce platform developers, specialising in shipping and payment plugins.

OPMC are experts in developing plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce and Magneto, equipped with years of experience in coding and WordPress development.

OPMC  can create the perfect plugin to support your company’s specific needs, as well as provide ongoing support. Tailor made plugins, customised and developed to suit your particular requirements are the most effective way to streamline and optimise your site.

We can develop the new plugin from the ground up, in line with your specifications and designed specifically to suit your business.

Our services also include the development of API’s if you do not already have the resources to do so.

This way, instead of waiting weeks or months for a usable plugin to become available on the market, OPMC can fast track the plugin development and you can optimise your business, faster.

 OPMC Plugin Commercialisation Service

Some companies are happy for their plugin to be made readily available to other businesses, but do not have access to a distribution service.

OPMC are able to distribute and commercialise plugins on your behalf and advertise them through their accounts on WooCommerce and WordPress.

OPMC not only builds and maintains the software you need, we can also advise you during the commercialisation process and help you make the best decision for your business.

If you have a question relating to our plugin fast-track, development or commercialisation services, we’d love to hear from you!