Plugin Fast Track Service

Occasionally, our clients are looking for a particular plugin feature that we do not currently offer as a part of our existing plugins and this feature is one that will be extremely useful in their eCommerce endeavours.

Fortunately, OPMC offers a fast track plugin service, during which we can alter the existing plugins we already offer, by adding custom functionality.

If there is a particular plugin OPMC offers that you feel would benefit your business, but you feel it is missing something, OPMC will  work with you and develop the plugin in line with your specifications.

This way, instead of waiting weeks or months for a usable plugin to become available on the market, OPMC can fast track the plugin development and you can optimise your business, faster.

For example, OPMC offers a plugin that manages domestic and worldwide shipping for online stores, but you may wish to make this plugin compatible with a new domestic shipping company that you really like.

OPMC will work closely with you to make sure their plugin is properly adapted to include the new shipping company as an option on your online store- and they’ll get it done quickly and efficiently.