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eBay Offers Free Shipping And Returns To Combat Amazon

It’s appears that small brick and mortar retailers may have another challenge on the horizon. eBay has announced a new delivery service for online shoppers who join their “Plus” membership. eBay Plus will provide members unlimited free deliveries and returns on new...

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Espirit closes its doors in Australia and New Zealand

Espirit is closing its doors in Australia - over 60 outlets will be closed resulting in 350 people losing their jobs. It is unclear yet, whether they will also close their eCommerce websites. The company has been operating at a loss for some time and has struggled to...

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Australia FinTech Market Is Growing Faster Than The U.S.

Australia’s rapidly expanding markets has now overtaken the U.S. in terms of FinTech Adoption (according to Noah Breslow, Chief Executive of U.S. SME lending company, OnDeck Capital). Breslow says that in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is now the second-largest...

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