Saasu accounting software plugin integration for your Australian ecommerce store

Are you looking to integrate your ecommerce store with Saasu?

Saasu works in a certain way, has certain governance on its operation for accounting standards, and does need to be configured properly in order to work reliably.

There are also different levels of integration you can have – ie does it simply create invoices from your ecommerce store, or does it also offer stock management and so on?

There are also two types of service – one is where you purchase a plugin (this is what we specialise in), and the other is paying a special ongoing fee to access technology that allows for certain actions to be taken. The latter “hosted” ongoing fee option is great if it does what you want, but not so helpful if it works just a bit differently to how you need it to. A streamlined workflow is important for ecommerce integrations, so sometimes a customised option for you may involve a higher budget, but it will deliver exactly what you’re after.

We can assist primarily in the areas of WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento integration for Saasu. Given the complexities of dealing with Saasu, we have published a plugin officially for WooCommerce which meets simple requirements. You can find more about our Saasu for Woocommerce plugin by clicking here.

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, contact us to find out about the sort of custom plugin development and API integration services we can offer. This is suitable for:

  • When you haven’t found something suitable elsewhere.
  • You have a plugin already, but it doesn’t work very well or exactly how you want it to.
  • Your current plugin or integration doesn’t work nicely with other software so you’ve had to turn it off.

We regularly work with clients who have challenges with these integrations, and encourage you to contact us. If we can put together a suitable solution for you we’ll tell you what’s involved to help you decide what is going to work best for your business.