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Design Agency Web Hosting Partnership

Would you like to be able to focus purely on the Graphic and Design aspect of your Agency? If so…

We Are Your White Label Partner For Web Hosting –
So You Can Increase Your Revenue And Cashflow
With NO Additional Effort

We’ll handle the technical details – you reap the benefits

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on just the design aspect of your business?


No need to worry about taxes, payroll, admin… or anything else that sucks the life out of your day like some kind of time vampire.


All you’d have to do is focus on producing great designs for your clients, make them happy and watch your business grow.


Unfortunately, you and I both know this isn’t possible.


But that doesn’t mean we should give up on it – that’s why we delegate and outsource.


And at OPMC, we have an idea that might be of interest to you.


It’ll help remove some of the unwanted tasks that you’d normally need to take care of.


We can’t help sort out your taxes or admin…


But we can help with web hosting and server maintenance.

Read on and we’ll explain how…

How Can Our White Label Web Hosting Partnership
Benefit Your Design Agency?


No need to have a separate IT team to handle web hosting

We understand many of your clients may also require secure web hosting. But if this aspect is something you don’t enjoy dealing with, we’ll handle it for you.



Because you’re outsourcing, you won’t incur any upfront staff recruitment fees

Providing a high level of web hosting service to your clients requires a dedicated team – which means you have to hire and deal with staff turnover (and increases expenses).

But by outsourcing web hosting to us, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems.


You’ll be able to focus on your core competencies - graphics and design

Instead of diluting your expertise, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best… without falling behind the new trends in web hosting, because we’ll handle that aspect for you!

Why White Label Web Development Can Boost
Your Agency’s Revenue And Cashflow


You'll be able to generate revenue without lifting a finger

There are multiple ways we can set up the partnership. One of them involves splitting the revenue (gained from web hosting) between your agency and OPMC (subject to agreement).


This way you’ll be generating passive income from your current client base without needing to specialise in Web Hosting.


You'll get a "done-for-you" web hosting experience - that your clients will love

We’ll do all the heavy lifting when it comes down to the technical aspects of web hosting.


OPMC has been in this space for 15 years and we provide a multitude of web hosting related services like web security, server maintenance and more.


We’ll be your point of differentiation

As you know, differentiation is more important than ever to stand out in today’s over-crowded market. Your competition now is both local and overseas, with many offshore freelancers offering their services to your local market.

That’s why partnering with us will provide your agency a point of differentiation that no other graphic designer will be able to copy – agency-level expertise in web hosting.


Best of all, you can gain all of these benefits just by partnering with us. With very little effort on your part, you’ll gain access to a range of technical expertise that will benefit your clients immensely.

How It Works: Example #1 – Going “Incognito”

In this example, we will show you how your clients never need to know that we even exist. However, they’ll still get agency-level expertise and secure web hosting by using our web servers.

1. Offer OPMC’s secure web hosting to your clients

There’s no need to tell your clients that OPMC is doing the hosting.

2. For those who need web hosting...

Tell us their requirements (via either yourself or your team members) and then we’ll let you know if we need anything else to proceed.


We’ll share the revenue (subject to agreed upon amounts).

3. We won't contact the clients directly

We won’t talk to the client directly – we’ll be completely incognito. 

All correspondence can be routed through yourself or one of your team members.

4. Your client gets high quality web hosting and support - but your agency takes the credit

You get the testimonial and referrals from this client.
In other words, we’re your white label partner for web hosting.
Your clients don’t have to know we even exist.


How It Works: Example #2 – Leave It To Us

In this example, we will show you how we can handle every single aspect of web hosting so you can sit back and enjoy the passive income stream.

1. Offer OPMC’s secure web hosting to your clients

In this case, tell your clients that you’ve partnered with us and that we’ll be handling web hosting enquiries going forward.

2. For the clients who show interest in our services...

Connect them with us – we’ll meet their requirements and serve them as if they were our own clients. We’ll share the revenue (subject to agreed upon amounts).

3. We'll handle all the technical aspects of web hosting, including enquiries from clients



This will be a completely “hands-off” approach for you as we will handle all enquries related to web hosting.

If you’d like to interact with your clients in a certain way, just let us know and we can cater to your requirements.


4. Your client gets high quality web hosting and support - while you profit from a passive income stream

You’ll get a passive income stream from the web hosting services we provide. Plus you’ll be able to focus purely on the design aspect of your business and leave the technical side to us.


These are just two examples of how we can work with you in a flexible manner.

Just let us know how you would like to design the partnership and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

Who Is OPMC?

We’re a web developer based in Sydney (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand). 

OPMC has been in the web development and eCommerce space for over 14 years.

We’re also the official web development partner for WooCommerce and Payment Express (DPS).

Our core value has always been to be of complete service to our clients. We exist solely to serve them and meet their needs.

By partnering with us, we will treat your clients the with level of dedication and in the way you want us to interact.

Why Your Clients Will Love Our Web Hosting Services

General Web Hosting

We offer high-uptime and secure servers and can handle any technical or troubleshooting support your clients may need.

Email Deliverability

We’re experts in email deliverability and setting up email servers to ensure all messages get through as intended.

eCommerce Web Hosting

We’ve been in the eCommerce space for 14+ years. If your clients run eCommerce websites – we can host it for them securely with reliable uptime.

Cyber Security

We take cyber security very seriously. Plus we’ve been in this space so long, we’ve seen and fixed just about every hack imaginable.

Are You Interested In Partnering With Us?

If so, contact us below and we’ll get in touch!

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