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WooCommerce Plugin for Odoo Feature Release 1.3

Integrate your WooCommerce Store with the Latest Odoo ERP Business Management Software

Our major update for Odoo for WooCommerce version 1.3 is out now with more usability features. It supports version 13 and 14 of Odoo CRM.

This plugin will help make the data management process more efficient and streamlined as it removes the requirement for merchants to manually transfer data into Odoo themselves. Version 1.3 features an option to enable or disable the product sync feature so that by default the product synchronisation is only from Odoo to WooCommerce.

If you enable this check. the Plugin will sync the inventory to Odoo, when any product is created or updated else it will only update and create the product to the Odoo.

  • Sync Multiple stores to one database
  • Sync Product Images to Odoo
  • Sync Product real-time (Create and Update)
  • Sync Category real-time (Create and Update)
  • Sync refunded Order to Odoo and created a credit note.

The Odoo for WooCommerce plugin lets you integrate your online store directly with Odoo, saving you from spending time and energy manually transferring the data over yourself.

When you connect your eCommerce store to Odoo via the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be able to automatically sync product data to Odoo whenever you add it to your site!

Sync Product Images to Odoo

In the previous version, product images were not synced to Odoo.
Now when a product is created or updated, the image will be also synced to Odoo.

All you need to do is create a new product with its associated image, or update an existing image.

Sync Product real-time (Create and Update)

In the previous versions, we didn’t sync the product when a new product was created or updated.

Now, when we create any product it will be automatically synced to Odoo. The plugin will also perform real-time automatic updates on any new product information that is added, saving you from having to manually enter the data into Odoo yourself!

Sync Category real-time (Create and Update)

We now also sync product categories to Odoo. You can check the category link during new product creation in Odoo.