Auspost Calculator Plugin for ecommerce in Australia

You may have come across an Australia Post/Auspost calculator plugin for your ecommerce store requirements in Australia.

We are regularly asked about this type of plugin, for popular ecommerce systems like WordPress / WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

If you’re having trouble finding the right solution, or the plugin you’ve purchased doesn’t meet your requirements or doesn’t work very well, it might be worth considering contacting us about it.

OPMC works extensively with plugin development, and a large part of our work is fixing issues with plugins that are broken, no longer supported or need to be customised to your specific requirements.

We’re also an official WooCommerce plugin partner, and currently manage 3 of the official plugins for Woo.

Plugins can be complicated and time consuming when they don’t work as expected – if you need help or advice we’re just a phone call or email away – Make an enquiry using the links at the top of the website.