About Us

Sydney | Wellington

Welcome to OPMC. Founded in 2003, we are an established website development business specialising in ecommerce solutions.

How can we help you?

An ideal client for us is a business that wants to form an ongoing relationship with their web developer. Someone they can trust and be able to turn to for advice about changes to their website, problems, and what the future could hold for their website.

We provide for and have knowledge related to most aspects of your online presence – business e-mail, website, storing your website on the internet (website hosting), domain name registration, online sales & taking payments online. We can help you with a few, or many of these things.

We help both smaller and larger businesses achieve their business goals online. If that sounds like something you would like please contact us.

Our Service

OPMC’s core competencies are in understanding client’s online business goals and creating solutions to help attain and exceed those goals.

Solutions are designed around the idea that how information is created, communicated, displayed and interpreted will significantly affect the ability to achieve business goals.

And we take this very seriously, we practise what we preach.

Deadlines need to be met, information needs to be appropriate and precise. This means it’s vital that we’re able to understand each other.

This is the same for your customers.

Sometimes what you want to communciate seems daunting, especially when you have to condense your company onto one page, or a small website.

The information you share is important, and how you do this is critical to the outcome.

How do you present your company to the world? How much is too much? What about too little? We work to solve these problems with you.