Woocommerce Anti-fraud Latest Plugin Release- Version 4.3

Woocommerce Anti-fraud version 4.3 is Here! With an exciting new feature for merchants and edits to Whitelist emails.

Please update your plugin to access these new features. 


Maxmind receiving two order request per order – Fixed


Issues with Maxmind receiving two order request per order where customers are charged double the price more than usual for MaxMind.

This has been fixed so that the order summary and price is calculated per individual order in MaxMind.


Order number restriction during certain time frame – Feature

Merchants can now restrict the number of orders placed during a certain timeframe. eg, during the night I would expect no more than x orders.

In the acceptance criteria, merchants can set an order number, start and end times. If the number of orders placed exceeds the setting they are set to an Order status of On Hold. 


Disable fraud checking whitelist emails – Fix


Customers with a whitelist email on checkout are still getting blocked when ‘Perform the fraud check before payment’ is enabled. 


We have removed all fraud checking (MaxMind & rules) when customers are using a whitelist email.