Spee Dee Release – Version 1.0.8 – Additional Rates and More!


Our latest Spee Dee and Woo plugin Release – Version 1.0.8 is here! With new features and most notable Spee Dee’s additional shipping rates.

Spee Dee Additional Rates


Spee Dee’s additional shipping rates (This does not include the computation of their calculator which adds to the total costs) has been implemented to our plugin!


With the option to enable/disable various additional charges and based on the selection and rates provided calculations are performed.


Warning Message Format 


Warning messages that included the HTML code in text have been altered to the appropriate format.


Incorrect Shipping Calculations


Wrong shipping prices based on the default tax that also applied to the shipping, has generated incorrect product shipping calculations. 


This has been fixed so that the default tax % does not interfere with any base shipping calculations.


Maximum Product Dimension Calculations 


Option for oversized shipping includes charges for products that are 130-170 inches. We have added a message when the maximum of 170 inches is reached.