MYOB Version 2.9 Plugin Update With New Features


A couple of new features have been added to our MYOB plugin in this version 2.9, for users to add a product tax code to products, visible in the MYOB product line item and user settings to act according to the deactivation or delete hooks applied. See below for more in-depth of these. 


User setting Deactivation and Delete hooks 


Users existing settings would be lost if the plugin was deactivated. If deactivating the MYOB plugin to update it, all settings would reset after deactivation action and would require settings to be re-applied. We have added new deactivation and delete hooks so that if the plugin was deactivated, the existing settings would be retrievable. However, If the plugin was deleted, user settings would also delete during this action.


Product-level tax code configuration addition 


A new product-level tax code configuration for MYOB feature, where customers can set their preferred MYOB tax code for their products, for assigning tax codes to line items when creating orders and invoices in MYOB. 


By default, our existing automated tax system will continue to be used, but for customers who want more control or are experiencing issues, they can be referred to their products page where they can apply tax codes of their choosing within the product edit menu.


This is also beneficial especially for customers experiencing invoice syncing issues due to their MYOB tax configurations being varied. Issues will be unaffected until users choose to engage with the manual configuration system.