Dropshipping Plugin Bug Fix Update – Version 3.8

Our Dropshipping plugin has had a substantial bug fix update so that any of the following matters have been tweaked and solved in this dropshipping update, version 3.8.

Following is an insight on what version 3.8 includes and how you could benefit off this update:


GST tax split format altered 


The GST value has been altered for orders containing products from multiple suppliers so that the separate total GST table has converted into a subtotal row total, making it a lot more clear to understand.


Error when the plugin is activated without ‘WooCommerce plugin’ activated 


When the Dropshipping plugin activated with the WooCommerce plugin deactivated, it would return an error “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function”

This conflict between the plugins has been updated and resolved.


Deleted supplier attached to product still appearing in orders and emails


Suppliers that have been deleted from products would still show as if they were still attached to the product.


This bug has been fixed so that deleted suppliers attached to a product will no longer appear anywhere, especially in new orders. 


Packing slip ‘Comments’  field under footer value not saving when updated


In the Dropshipping packing slips section, Under the footer comments value, messages applied would erase when saving. This bug has been fixed so that the save action is working as it should.


Dropshippers dashboard menu on mobile devices


It has come to our attention that the Dropshipping dashboard menu did not show on mobile devices- with this update we have ensured the dashboard menu is accessible on all devices.


If you have had problems with any of the following issues, please update your plugin to ensure these are fixed and your plugin is operating at its best.