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MYOB v2.5 – Recently Released

MYOB version 2.5 has just been released! We have added a number of features, most notably invoice additions and customer profiles significantly easier to identify. And we are excited to share these new features with you.

New features are as follows.

Invoice Types

Additional Invoice types have been added to sync in invoice options, making it easier to identify an invoices category. All invoice types include: 


  • Item
  • Service
  • Professional


Customer Data- Name, Contact and Payment Details

When a customer is created it will now include their phone number within their payment details when invoices are created.

Customer names are now based on the identifier’s card details to automatically create a profile.


Company Card Identification 

All forms/orders placed on a WooCommerce company field are designated as companies, allowing default users to designate as individual customers. 


There is a new setting (Set MYOB Default Customer Designation) that’s enabled by default that will make it so all new customer cards in MYOB will be of type ‘individual’.


If it’s not enabled a customer can fill out the optional company name field during checkout, a MYOB customer card will be classified as ‘company’


Timezones for Invoices

Before, the invoice timezone was always UTC 0, but now it will be based on the timezone set within the WordPress backend general settings for their site


Cardfile Customer ID Prefix

Have the option to add a customer prefix before their card ID in order to generate a unique ID in MYOB to distinguish between customers from your WooCommerce site and customers who are from other channels.


Invoice Number’s 

Before, our plugin only allowed invoices and orders to have their number set as a combination of a user-defined prefix and the WooCommerce order number (e.g. WOO-47)


Now with the new feature, there’s a setting that lets users choose to use MYOB’s own in-built sequential numbering (e.g. 00000047) instead of the prefixed number.