WooCommerce Dropshipping – version 3.7



WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin, version 3.7 has perfected and debugged any issues from version 3.6, ensuring our plugin reaches customers’ expectations. 


You can find more information on this plugin here – https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-dropshipping/


If you have had issues with the problems below, please update your plugin to ensure these issues are solved:


Suppliers order page filter issue:

The order date filter option in the supplier’s order page had issues functioning. We have corrected this error and orders are able to show, processed on the correct order date. 


Ensuring suppliers are receiving the correct orders:

Suppliers getting orders that were allocated to another supplier in their order tab. This bug has been fixed, ensuring that the correct supplier receives orders that are ordered to them only.


Admin menus gone when the plugin is activated in a multisite:

If you have previously tried to launch this plugin on a multi-site, admin menus would disappear. Now the dropshipping plugin is compatible with a multi-site launch therefore it will activate across all sites.


Fix Attach PDF to supplier Email option:

The order PDF option error is now patched so that when the box is ticked or unticked, it will determine the PDF order option and attach (or disregard) to the order email accordingly.