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Grow Your Online presence by Integrating these plugins into your WooCommerce Store

If you’re planning to upgrade your WooCommerce website powered by special WooCommerce extensions that are on your wish list. Now is the best time to avail of it with a 40% discount! This is a limited-time offer starting now at 9 PM UTC on Monday, 10 May and ends at 7 AM UTC on Friday, 14 May.

We have plugins of all ranges.  If you are looking for any of the following extensions for your store, buy it now with a 40% discount.

Delight your Customers with Customer Service Integration of top CRMs

Customer relations are pivotal to get a greater client base. These extensions will help you coordinate with your customers and convert them into returning customers. 

Zendesk Support for WooCommerce

Zendesk is a powerful platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of online businesses worldwide. Manage customer orders and enquiries at one place by integrating Zendesk Support for WooCommerce

Intercom Integration for WooCommerce

Integrate your WooCommerce store with Intercom another one of the best customer relation platform to engage your customers. Scale your business by integrating Intercom Integration for WooCommerce and build a strong business relationship.

WooCommerce Help Scout

Help Scout is an email-based customer support platform. If you want to integrate your Help Scout account with your WooCommerce store then this is the right time to give WooCommerce Help Scout plugin a go.

Customer Support for WooCommerce

If you want a live chat plugin that you can run right from your website, this is the best plugin. To communicate with your customers no integration of any other platform is needed. It is a simple plug-and-play extension. Install, activate, and communicate with Live help chatbox or via Customer Support ticketing for WooCommerce.  Visit the product page right now to learn more and get the ongoing discount. 

Secure your Orders from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

Every online store is at risk of fraudulent activities, so we have to keep an eye on every transaction. WooCommerce Anti-fraud is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce store owners to assess fraud risks based on a set of advanced scoring rules.
It has an interactive dashboard to give you a summary of whatever is going around. WooCommerce anti-fraud provides fraud-risk score and key information on every order to let you know why it is marked as a low, medium or high-risk transaction.  

WooCommerce anti-fraud also provides integration of MaxMind minFraud tool, which is powered by a machine-learning algorithm to provide you with an extra layer of security. 

Gain serenity by adding an extra layer of protection with WooCommerce Anti-Fraud.

Earn More with our Dropshipping Tool!

If you are planning to extend your business without stocking inventory,  WooCommerce Dropshipping is the best tool to boost up your business. 

We have recently added a dropshipping dashboard to let you know what is going on in your dropshipping store.
Our WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin has three main features:

AliExpress to WooCommerce Dropshipping

You can dropship from AliExpress in conjunction with our free chrome extension. Chrome extension not only imports but provide you with extra details of every product and its competitors on AliExpress, which helps you choose the best product for your WooCommerce store.

Integration of Amazon Associates Program

Import Amazon products in your store with WooCommerce Dropshipping. Your Affiliate will look similar to any other product in your store. When a customer clicks on Call-to-Action they will be redirected to the Amazon product page, and when it gets successful, you’ll get your conversion earning.

Start Dropshipping with Local Suppliers by Connecting them with your Store.

This special feature allows you facilities for dropshipping like a pro. While dropshipping from big marketplaces, product selection is challenging because of higher competition. This feature gives limited access to suppliers who do not have any mature platform. Talk with the supplier, test products and their shipping method, and then give them access to your store. Whenever any sale is made, the supplier will be automatically notified via email and within their WooCommerce account. They can also update tracking number and status of the order from their account. 

New features are added almost every month.  To learn more about this plugin click  WooCommerce Dropshipping and buy it today as this discount will end at 7 AM UTC on Friday, 14 May 2021. 

Add custom fields on your product page

If you want to add one or more extra fields to your product page, WooCommerce Ninja Forms Product Add-ons is the right extension for you. 

By installing this plugin with Ninja forms you can make changes to product pages and add the price of your add-on service to the price of the product.  Add fields, check-boxes, radio buttons, drop-down or even additional call-to-action to your product listing easily and level up your store with WooCommerce Ninja Forms Product Add-ons extension.

Bulk download all or selection of virtual products

WooCommerce Bulk Download allows your customers to download a selection of or all virtual products they’ve bought available in ‘My Account’ section with a single click in a ZIP file format. 

If you sell virtual products this is the best time to buy WooCommerce Bulk Download plugin to level up your WooCommerce online store. 

Make inventory management and accounting hassle-free 

For every successful business, inventory management and accounts play a vital role in analysing your business’s potential and managing expenses. There are two top-notch accounting management integrations for two different platforms: 

MYOB Integration

MYOB Integration connects your WooCommerce store with your myob AccountRight – The best accounting suite used by businesses in Australia and New Zealand. 

By integrating this plugin you can create and sync products, customers data, stock and invoices in your myob AccountRight.
It is the best solution for small online businesses, dropshipping stores and digital product stores.
Groom your store by installing myob Integration extension in your WooCommerce store at a discounted rate today. 

Odoo for WooCommerce

Odoo is a popular open-source ERP, used by many online and also brick-and-mortar businesses around the globe. If you are an odoo user and planning to sell online via the WooCommerce store, odoo for WooCommerce is the extension you are looking for.
Sync products, orders, inventory and customers record between WooCommerce and odoo with Odoo for WooCommerce for conveniently managing your accounts in one place. By it before Friday, 14 May 2021 7 AM UTC to get 40% off.

Integrate with shipping carriers of your choice

Show live rates from carriers like Aramex, Colissimo, SPEE-DEE, NZ Post, Purolator, Speed services couriers, or South Africa Post for your customer orders by installing the extension you need based on your location of business. 

Make shipping calculation easy and smooth by integrating an extension of your preferred shipping carrier! 

We offer following shipping plugins for your WooCommerce store:

Cookies and GDPR compliance

Make your store, cookies and GDPR compliant, by installing GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce. Display cookies banner at the top or bottom with a custom message, accept and reject button, options like privacy policy, and so on. If you are opening a store in the EU then GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce is a must-have plugin. 

Give a VAT exemption to customers with a disability or charity

Customers with disability and charities can be exempted from paying VAT.  This plugin adds a simple form to checkout that allows your customers to provide details and get exempted from paying VAT. It allows eligibility on a per-product basis. So, if your store lies in a category where you need such an option, Disability VAT Exemption plugin is a must-have for you to provide an exemption to your customer. Install now and get a 40% limited discount on your plugin before May 14, 7 am UTC.