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StarCat Reviews for Woocommerce Products and Creating Review Websites

This is for you if you are an affiliate marketer or if you are a Woocommerce Store Owner. StarCat Reviews is what you are looking for if you are looking to get your Woocommerce products reviewed more or even if you are starting your own review website for affiliate income or other purposes.

StarCat Reviews for Woocommerce

StarCat Reviews is the best available Woocommerce reviews plugin on the market. It has everything you need to Collect more reviews, improve the quality of reviews and the feedback you get, and share your reviews to get more brand awareness, leads and sales.

Collecting Reviews

Email Notification: 

StarCat Reviews automatically sends email notifications to your customers who place orders at relevant intervals offering them discounts (or not) for their honest reviews. This makes a compelling scenario for your customers and they will review your products. The email notification features are customizable, you can control how many times to notify your customers and the time intervals.

Review Quality and Details

Multi-Criteria Reviews: 

Different products and services need to be reviewed differently, hence StarCat Reviews comes with Multi-Criteria Reviews feature to let your users review your products in different ways. As the admin, you can create different criteria for your products to be rated on.


Google’s reCAPTCHA is a powerful technology to prevent spam on your website. StarCat Reviews comes loaded with reCAPTCHA for your reviews. When you enable it, your users need to submit the reCAPTCHA to submit their reviews. This is especially useful if your site accepts reviews from people who are not logged in.

Pros and Cons

You can let your customers write what they liked and disliked about your product. The pros and cons field also has an auto-complete feature that populates based on most popular entries by others in your website. This makes the user experience even better.

Sharing Reviews / Promoting is what Google uses for its rich-snippets. Google rich-snippets are an excellent way to get one over your competitors by featuring your website more prominently in the Google Search Results. Rich-Snippets brings your website more traffic than a regular search result and takes you to the top in many cases.


StarCat Reviews comes with Google-friendly HTML tags and so, every review you receive potentially brings you more traffic from Google.

Marketplace and Vendors: 

StarCat Reviews will soon feature the ability to review and rate vendors in a Woocommerce Marketplace website. The vendors will be able to interact specifically with the reviews for their products as well.

StarCat Reviews for Creating a Review Website

StarCat Reviews is the WordPress Review Plugin you are looking for. This is for those creating a review website to drive affiliate revenue, a website to bring in a niche audience to review a product or service or anything else of that sort. You can create a review site for restaurants, movies, players of a sport, teams, products, services and so much more.

Review Content:

Author Reviews: 

With Starcat Reviews, you can create Author reviews as posts of a custom post type. This gives you the freedom to use it along with your blog, default pages and other post types. You have many options to control the criteria and other review aspects.

User Reviews

You can add user reviews in addition to author reviews, this gives you the ability to get strong and valuable content for your review website.

There are also features in StarCat Reviews to display overall author reviews, user reviews and a combined review scoring.

Overall Rating: 

The Overall Rating feature combines user and author ratings and gives you an amazing compiled scoresheet. This is a prominent feature in very popular review websites and now it’s super-easy for you to create.


With respect to creating a review website, you can use the multi-criteria feature in StarCat Reviews plugin to add different criteria to different categories of products and even let your users rate the products or services using these different criteria. This feature is a must for any review website.

Comparison Table: 

The comparison table is a powerful feature for creating a review website. This lets your users compare different review posts be it product review, brand review or a sport stats website that compares players and teams. This feature makes your website a full-blown stats website.


StarCat Review plugin comes with a powerful listing shortcode and widget to let you list different review posts. You can list by score as top 10, 20 or 100. You can also list by recency of post and various other criteria. There are so many ways for you to control how you can display different listings.

Search, Sorting and Filtering: 

There is nothing as important as navigation in a large website. In fact, navigation has become the Achilles’ heel of most large review sites. This is why Starcat Reviews comes with powerful navigation features including search, sorting and filtering features. There are multiple criteria you can use to setup filtering features including rating.

Pros and Cons: 

You and your users can specifically mention what aspects of the item in question, you like and don’t like. This also is a powerful feature found in popular review websites. There is also an auto-complete feature based on popular entries on your site which makes it easier to add Pros and Cons, hence more valuable content to be added to the reviews.

Generating Traffic

Schema and SEO: 

For review websites, StarCat Reviews lets you choose different types of schema available. Each schema type is suited for different types of content, be it restaurants, directory style listing, review of movies and so on. StarCat Review also comes with an excellent on-page SEO in the form on mark-up and html tag choices. This by default boosts your SEO.

Social Sharing and Other Plugin Integrations: 

StarCat Review’s posts can be integrated with social sharing and SEO plugins like Yoast or RankMath to improve your site’s visibility even more. StarCat Reviews is compatible with most well-coded plugins even without specific integrations.

What’s Next

StarCat Reviews plugin is being constantly upgraded and we are working on providing powerful integrations to popular Directory, LMS, Membership and other similar plugins.

A Final Word:

If you need anything related to reviews in your WordPress website, choose StarCat Reviews, give it a whirl and let us know.