Introducing WooCommerce Anti-Fraud 2.0 – New Features & Changes

Plus many more features:

    Blacklisting and whitelisting of emails

    WooCommerce Anti-Fraud 2.0 Available Now

    Our latest upgrade to the WooCommerce Anti-Fraud pluginallows you to customise your store’s fraud prevention strategy to your liking. This makes it a flexible and powerful tool for protecting all sorts of WooCommerce stores against fraudeulent transactions.


    How does WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Work?

    Our WooCommerce Anti-Fraud extension is designed to help you pick up fraudulent transactions and catch them as they happen – by scanning and providing a score for each transaction made via your online store, based on a set of advanced scoring rules. 

    The higher the score, the higher risk the transaction is. You can view the scores of each purchase by clicking the shields next to each purchase on your “Orders” page. When you click the score, you will be provided with a list of risks and warnings associated with the order.

    What’s new in Version 2.0?

    IP address checker for multiple purchases

    The plugin will let you know if a user has made several orders using the same IP address. It will also determine if the customer has ordered behind a proxy.

    Flag suspicious email addresses

    Use this field to enter a list of domains associated with fraudulent transactions. Users with email addresses under these domains will be considered a higher risk. This feature is useful for detecting customers who use disposable or temporary email services.

    Require verified PayPal accounts

    Limit PayPal payments to verified email addresses. The customer will receive a customizeable email from your shop, prompting them to authenticate their PayPal account before the purchase can be shipped.

    Define unsafe countries

    You can now define which countries are considered unsafe or high risk. If an order is placed from an unsafe country, it will be reflected in its risk score.

    Automatically cancel suspicious orders

    WooCommerce Anti-Fraud can automatically cancel orders or put them on hold according to their risk score. This saves administration time and prevents any risky orders from slipping through.

    Get WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

    Click here to download WooCommerce Anti-Fraud via the WooCommerce store.