Official WooCommerce Taxamo Plugin

We’re really pleased to now be the official developer of the Taxamo plugin for WooCommerce.

You can check it out here:

WooCommerce Taxamo

Important Plugin, Big plans

If you’re a customer of this plugin, please contact us for feedback, ideas and improvements you’d like to see.

Having only recently acquired this plugin, OPMC plans to roll out improvements to the Taxamo plugin based on customer feedback over the coming months.

We are open to making this the best possible Taxamo plugin for WooCommerce, and currently collating feedback from customers on how it can be improved.

A little blurb on the current plugin

Connect your store to Taxamo, a popular EU VAT calculation service, and be compliant with the 2015 EU VAT regulations. WooCommerce will send the shopping cart information to Taxamo when your customer is at the checkout and will return the appropriate EU taxes for the digital goods in their cart.

WooCommerce Taxamo also handles evidence collection and registration of payments.


Whether you’re selling digital downloads, eBooks or other such digital goods, Taxamo will return the appropriate tax rates to WooCommerce, based on the customer’s location and the products in their cart.

The extension uses Taxamo’s API for correct TAX calculation, evidence collection and registration of payments. Taxamo comprehensive reporting  tools generate downloadable EU MOSS returns and audit files.