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An Update – The OPMC Plugin Development Journey with WooCommerce

Where do you hope to be in 12 months’ time with your business?

We have been really pleased with our progress and growth in 2018 in the area of plugin development for the official marketplace. for Woo plugins.

Here’s a rundown of how things have been tracking.

From 3 to 19 WooCommerce plugins

If you’d like a fun challenge, going from 4 to 19 plugins on the official marketplace in 2018 is a good start.

This year we made a conscious decision to grow this division of our business. At the outset of the year we’ve purchased a very popular plugin, followed by another 15 – yikes.

From thousands to (more) thousands of active subscribers

As a subscription based revenue model, going from thousands to many more thousands of customers has seen not only growth on our plugins, but also in other areas of business, such as custom WordPress plugin development, hosting, website hacking & reputation protection, not to mention website maintenance and development services – a mouthful.

Our active subscriber base is nearing on 10x what it was at the start of 2018.

From busy to need-many-more-team-members busier

You always want to ensure there’s enough team members to comfortably support the customer base, and ensure all development is completed in a timely manner.

Such fast growth has presented its challenges – how much help is too little and how much is too much? But as we see the year out, we are up to date with our team and prepared for development growth in the coming months. We’ve found responsive support is just as important as reliable developers.

From occasional emails to regular weekly discussions with our partners

We’ve found the team behind the marketplace are an amazing group of people and really impressed with how they work. Forming strong working relationships and building expectations and excellent communication has been invaluable.

Without the fantastic team at WooCommerce aka Automattic, we would not have reached anywhere near the potential they have helped us achieve.

Remember where you came from!

We became a WooCommerce official partner in 2011. It was a long time ago, we had a lot to learn, and we have made some exciting progress this year.

But it was only because of a lot of the things that happened over those 7 years, that enabled us to really bump up the pace this year.

There is no shame in taking a nosey at your competitors

We’ve learned a lot from the likes of ProsPress and Skyverge, some of the largest WooCommerce marketplace providers at the current time. Without taking a nosey at how they do things we wouldn’t have had such a clear path forward, and confidence in the business model.

Next year?

For 2019 we have a broad line up of planned WooCommerce plugins, so, watch this space for the next update because next year is going to be really fun.

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