Best WooCommerce Plugins That Increase eCommerce Sales

Would you like to know the best WooCommerce Plugins that increase your sales for you?

On auto-pilot… while you sleep? That’s exactly what these plugins do.

Imagine these WooCommerce Plugins as “employees” of your eCommerce store.

Some use intelligent AI to offer customised recommendations to buyers. Others provide great social proof to increase sales.

For a fraction of the cost of a real employee, these plugins will work tirelessly, without complaint.

In light of this, we’ve picked out the 5 best WooCommerce Plugins we think will help you increase your sales on auto-pilot.

So without further ado…

Here are the best WooCommerce Plugins that will increase eCommerce Sales for you.

Best WooCommerce Plugins #1 – Automate Your Marketing With Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing is a well-rounded marketing automation plugin that helps increase sales for you. It achieves this by tracking customer behaviour.

Armed with this information, Beeketing then gives product recommendations that this specific customer is likely to buy, based on their behaviour.

Beeketing can also re-engage with “lost” customers by sending out automated emails.

Without doubt, Beeketing is one of the best WooCommerce Plugins around for stores that have many products.

Price: Free Version and Paid Version

The Paid Version offers several different features that you can pay for separately:

  • Checkout Boost – Social media integration and cart abandonment reducing features
  • MailBot – Automated email sender
  • Boost Sales – Upsell and Cross-sell feature

Click here to find out more about Beeketing.


Best WooCommerce Plugins #2 – Avoid Losing Trust With Customers By Using PxFusion

Without tooting our own horn too much (OPMC developed PxFusion), hear us out on why we have placed PxFusion as the second spot in our list.

PxFusion is a payment gateway plugin that helps your store sell more by keeping customers onsite, all the way to the end of the checkout stage.

It removes the need for having SSL certificates and keeps buyers on your site for longer because payment details are entered directly on your site.

This means there’s no need to refer them to an external payment gateway.

The reason this plugin is effective for increasing sales is because it helps remove the “fear” out of buying.

By keeping the entire sales process on your website (no external referrals), your customers can feel safer purchasing from you.

This is because they have demonstrated to you that they trust your store by getting to the check out stage.

However, most eCommerce sites then make the mistake of referring buyers to an external payment gateway (that hasn’t got the level of trust you have developed with your customer).

So now they are having to enter their private details on a site they don’t know or trust.

This immediately brings in an element of fear to the purchase as the customer is unsure if they can trust this external payment gateway and whether it is secure.

On top of this, keeping your customer on your website for longer is great for improving SEO rankings (Google views site time as an indicator of quality).

We sincerely believe that PxFusion is the best WooCommerce Plugin for providing an on-site payment gateway, because it gives full control over the sales process and keeps customers on your store for longer.

Find out more about the PxFusion Plugin here.


Best WooCommerce Plugins #3 – Use Powerful Social Proof With WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications

Ever browsed an eCommerce store and had a little pop up that said: “So-and-so just bought a Product 5 minutes ago from Sydney!”

Well now you can get this feature for your own WooCommerce store.

The WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications plugin (another great one from Beeketing) helps you develop more trust and social proof at your store.

It achieves this by sending small, non-intrusive pop ups while your customers browse your store.

Why this works:

Humans are social animals. Seeing others buy re-affirms to us that it is safe and okay to purchase as well.

This is an extremely powerful psychological trigger called social proof.

Social proof is a big advantage physical stores have over online stores.

When we walk into a store, we can physically see others shopping (social proof), so we feel safer about buying too.

For example, imagine you’ve just moved to a new town, trying to decide where to get a cup of coffee.

You see two cafes, side-by-side (and you haven’t been to either one before).

One cafe is bustling, with customers sitting at tables, sipping their beverages and enjoying themselves.

The other is an absolute ghost town, with no customers at all.

Which are you more likely to pick, given that you have no prior information about either stores?

Your answer is a demonstration of how powerful social proof is.

Now with this plugin, you can emulate a similar experience for your customers. You can take the fear out of buying by letting them know that others are buying from your store too.

In our opinion, WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications is one of the best WooCommerce Plugins you can start using today to provide social proof to your customers.

Check out a live demo of this plugin.

Click here to see the plugin page.


Best WooCommerce Plugins #4 – Create Urgency And Scarcity With XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

The XL WooCommerce Plugin helps increase sales by editing your product pages to have some of the common, but powerful psychological triggers that make people buy.

One of the best ways to get people take to take action is to create a sense of urgency. If people think they can buy a product at any time they want, chances are they will delay it. This is one of the main reasons for abandoned carts.

Another way to increase sales is to introduce scarcity. When people believe that there is a limited amount of something, their perceived value of that item goes up. For example, gold is valued more than silver because of its scarcity.

The XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers plugin adds these components to your product pages for you.

It offers “urgency” by adding a countdown timer for limited time sales. It also provides a “limited stock” indicator to create scarcity.

However, one thing that is extremely important that XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers does not mention is that you must have a reason why. Give a reason why stocks are limited or why there is a limited time sale. Some extremely savvy marketers will go out of their way to create these “reasons why.”

For example, they will purposely put on labels backwards to create a “limited stock” sale for these products (because they are “defective” goods due to the backwards labels). This reason why is supremely important in creating believable reason. If customers don’t believe your “reason whys”, they will not purchase from you.

This is just two of the seven psychological triggers that this plugin addresses – implementing all of these properly will most certainly increase conversions.

XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers is one of the best WooCommerce Plugins out there that will apply these sales triggers for you.

You can view the live demo of this plugin here.

Find out more about the XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers here.


Best WooCommerce Plugins #5 – Pad Your Bottom Line With WooCommerce Extra Product Options

One of the best ways to increase profitability is to add on extra widgets to each sale.

The perfect example of this is MacDonald’s “would you like fries with that?” script.

These 6 words have been responsible for millions of extra dollars in sales.

Now you can apply this same technique to your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options gives you the ability to add extra add-ons to product purchases.

For example, if you were selling a Laptop on your store, you could add-on carry bags, peripherals, mouse pads, earphones etc. (these are your “would you like fries with that?” items).

You can apply this add-on concept to literally any product, and we highly recommend you do so immediately.

Remember, there is always a part of your customer base who are willing to buy more and spend more.

This simple but effective plugin allows you to tap into this customer base and increase overall sales.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options is surely one of the best WooCommerce Plugins for cross-selling and down-selling add-on products.

Find out more about it here.


In Conclusion

We hope this list helped you find new ways to increase sales and conversions in your online store.

Remember, each of these plugins taps into buyer psychology which is why it works.

The most important thing now is to install these plugins and implement as soon as possible.


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