[Important Update] Make sure your systems are updated to support TLS 1.2

There has been an update to the security protocols (TLS 1.2), underlying the Payment Express gateway.

Merchants using OPMC plugins (like PxFusion, PxPay etc.) will need to ensure your web hosting server supports TLS 1.2. This is a requirement to use the Payment Express gateway via our plugins.

What is TLS? (Transport Layer Security)

TLS is a security measure that secures communications between servers and web browsers on the internet.

In simple terms, it ensures that connections are kept private (and therefore secure) from unwanted malicious activity.

This protocol is a requirement for all eCommerce stores in order to receive secure credit card payments online.

What’s Happening?

TLS 1.0 (the version currently being used) will no longer be considered secure.

Therefore your web hosting servers, your customer’s web browsers and devices must support TLS 1.2 in order to make payments through Payment Express.

The deadline for this update is 30th June. Please make sure to update your web hosting server before this date.

However, we recommend you update your web hosting servers and let your customers know about this update as soon as possible.

What this means for your eCommerce store

Computers, mobile devices and browsers must be updated to be TLS 1.2 compliant – which means updating your devices to the latest versions.

If they are not updated, you will not be able to make connections to sec.paymentexpress.com

Those who are using outdated operating systems and browsers may experience issues with accepting payments online.

Please contact your web hosting provider and make sure that your servers are updated to support TLS 1.2.

If your server supports TLS 1.2, and your customers are reporting issues, they may need to update their web browser. We have included more information below.

How to comply with TLS 1.2

There are several guides compiled by Payment Express that can help you update your browsers, devices and operating systems (for both yours and your customers).

How to update your web browser:


How to update your PC and devices (scroll down to the “Ensuring Device Is Ready” section):


How your technical support team check for TLS 1.2 compliance

If you are running a Linux server, this SSH command may be useful to determine if your server supports TLS 1.2:

openssl s_client -connect google.com:443 -tls1_2

If you get the certificate chain and the handshake, your technical team will know the system in question supports TLS 1.2.

How to test your server and browser for TLS 1.2 compliance
Server Test:
Browser Test:

What this means for your eCommerce Customers

Your customers will also need to update their browsers and operating systems to support TLS 1.2. Otherwise they may not be able to make payments to your store online.

We recommend sending out emails to your customer list and let them know to update their operating systems and web browsers.

Let your customers know that they should update their systems using the guides above, as soon as possible and to contact your technical support team if needed.

If your customers experience issues with payments even after you have updated your web hosting servers, direct them to the web browser, PC and device update guides above as it is most likely due to an outdated browser or device.

If you need help

Please contact support@paymentexpress.com for specific questions about TLS 1.2

If you have any questions, or are unsure about any of the above feel free to get in touch with us here.