Shopify Went Around and Asked 40 Successful Business Owners for Their Best Piece of Advice

Saying that running a business is difficult is akin to saying the sky is blue—it’s pretty much a given that everyone encounters a few speed bumps along the way before claiming triumph. In fact, it’s these hitches that breed successful entrepreneurs.

Now, the advantage of startups and budding businesses is that they have those who have gone through a similar road before to give them advice. Knowing what the trailblazers did right and what went wrong can prove to be very valuable to the up-and-comers.


Conveniently for you, Shopify went around and asked advice from some of the people behind the success stories it has seen over the years. Their answers vary immensely, thus you should be able to use more than a few things from the list. Here are excerpts: “Leverage tools and software to free up time to focus on growing the business.”


Angelus Direct: “Use social media and take advantage before it’s too late. We have over 50k followers on Instagram, 10k on Facebook, and 20k on YouTube. They are a revolving door of sales. We show potential customers how to use our product and display artists and fans on our page for support.”


Teaglad: “My biggest recommendation for new store owners is to figure out how they’re going to acquire customers before jumping in and setting up every aspect of their business.” “Spend lots of time on Google Analytics.” “A well-managed and growing mailing list, and the willingness to give things away and surprise people, has kept us moving forward.”


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