Infographic: A Guide to Increase Your E-mail Opens and Clickthroughs

There’s this adage about first impressions—they last. Now, this matter can be debated back and forth since it’s subjective, after all. But when it comes to e-mail marketing, it’s undeniable that first impressions are everything. You see, the e-mail audience can be a crowd that’s very tough to please—they won’t even click on your email if you don’t give them a compelling reason (which comes in the form of an attention-grabbing subject line) to do so. They’ll be even less inclined to open your e-mails if you send these at a bad time. Basically, even the seemingly little things matter in e-mail marketing. It isn’t as simple as merely clicking on “send,” as creating a truly effective e-mail marketing strategy can prove to be quite difficult. Fortunately, the awesome guys at Hubspot created a very useful infographic that addresses the most common issues on the subject. Do check it out by clicking here for powerful copy suggestions, key statistics, best practices, and other valuable information.