Consider These When Deciding on Your Shipping Logistics

Shipping is one of the most critical facets of an e-commerce business. How you get merchandise from one point to another is just as crucial as your product line-up or marketing. And the thing is, setting up your shipping logistics can prove to be a challenging endeavor, as you’d have several considerations to mull over. Here are the seven vital aspects that you should look into when deciding on your e-commerce store’s shipping model.


1) The basics

  • Where will you be shipping from?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • Always remember that efficiency is key.

2) Which carrier(s) to use?

  • Go local or national?
  • Canvass rates, of course.

3) How do you calculate rates?

  • Rate calculators are the way to go.

4) Consider using multiple carriers to accommodate customers that are both close and far from you.

  • This way, you can avoid overcharging or undercharging.

5) How should you communicate with customers with regard to shipping?

  • Consider going through a more personalized route instead of the more basic automated e-mails.

6) What should you include with the shipment?

  • This could be something as basic as the receipt or a personalized note for that extra touch.

7) Set a clear return policy.

  • This is very important, thus make sure that your customers can find this easily.


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