Australia Post: Value for Money is the Top Reason Why Shoppers Go Online

So what’s the reason why shoppers decide to go online? Unsurprisingly, it’s value for money, which refers to both cost and convenience. That is what the Australia Post found out after holding a survey with 10,000 Australians partaking in it. It was the largest online shopping survey that was conducted in the country. The Australia Post asked consumers to describe their shopping habits: what they liked, their allotted shopping budget, their attitudes towards delivery and returns, and their favorite websites. Other top reasons include cheaper prices (but of course) as well as the presence of free shipping. Paul Fanthorpe, Australia Post’s general manager of customer research and insights, advises that retailers should offer free shipping if it’s economically possible. He adds that express delivery isn’t always necessary since Australians don’t need their goods right away anyways. To read the original article, click here.