Important: Make Sure Your Delivery Companies Deliver

As you know, one of the main benefits of running an online shop instead of a physical one is that you get to save on overhead costs such as renting a space for your shop and paying employee wages. Cutting back on the latter also means that you’re taking out the face-to-face between the retailer and customer in which the product is instantaneously transferred from one party to another. This is often overlooked by some retailers even though the value of making sure that the product goes to the consumer in a prompt and proper manner can make or break a business.

When you’re running an online shop, you most likely would have to tap a courier to handle the delivery of your products. And problems could arise, as their idea of customer service may not be in line with yours. Bear in mind that people from the courier company aren’t your employees; they won’t always be up to par on your customer’s needs. And when they deliver damaged goods or take a long time to do so, it won’t be on them of course—it’ll be on you. Your business will be the one taking all the flak from unhappy customers.

For that reason, you’d naturally want a delivery service that’s reliable. And oftentimes, you’d have to spend a bit more for these, as going super cheap may hurt your business more rather than allow you to minimize expenses. Thankfully, you have lots of options. In Australia, there are plenty of delivery companies that offer services at different price points—all you have to do is to find out which company is apt for the size of your business and is within the means of your budget. Be sure to take note of their respective service level agreements. If you want to take customer satisfaction to the extra mile, you may also consider investing in delivery tracking.

Remember, convincing your customer to purchase your product is only half the battle. The other half is getting the products to them in a safe and timely manner. Not being able to follow through on the latter may reduce all your efforts for naught.

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