Teenagers Harness Their Tech Know-How to Earn as Much a $100,000

Sometimes, all one needs to do to succeed is to come up with a big idea and to stick with it. That’s exactly what some high school entrepreneurs did; and now, they’re raking in six figures while living out their dreams. These young tycoons are using their aptitude for computers and technology to work for more money and fewer hours—which is pretty much the aspiration of most people their age and most people much older than them. And here’s arguably the best part: they are their own boss.

In this day and age, many have claimed that technology is the great equalizer. And there’s a ring of truth to it, as even a kid who’s just a few years removed from hitting puberty can start going after his entrepreneurial ambitions. Aside from having the said “big idea”, all that one needs to get their enterprise rolling is an ABN and a tax file number. Once armed with those, the possibilities are limitless.

Here are some revealing stats: based on the figures of Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are roughly 663,200 19 year-olds that are employed nationally. 3,700 of these teens work for themselves. More impressively, 500 even have their own staff and work an average of only 10 hours weekly. One example of this “phenomenon” is Jonathan Colak, a young man who started selling mobile accessories on eBay and was able to expand this to an online retail outlet that had an annual turnover of $100,000. Such a feat is remarkable for anyone, but Jonathan starting out at a young age makes it even more amazing.

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