Has your WordPress website been hacked? How to tell

With WordPress being so popular, it’s also open to some serious hacking potential.

Has your WordPress website been hacked? Or, do you think it might have been hacked but you’re not sure? How do you tell?

The truth is, you can’t really tell unless you know what you’re looking for.

Sometimes it’s easier to tell, with things like:

  1. You visit your website and it redirects to some other website that it’s not supposed to.
  2. All sorts of strange things appear on your website – usually lots of text.
  3. Things don’t display properly.
  4. Your website homepage is replaced by “HACKED BY h8rl33t”

But sometimes it’s not obvious at all. Your website could be hacked, and someone can monitor every move and change you make, but you’ll be blissfully unaware.

WordPress has made it easy for anyone to set a website, but it can be difficult for the novice to diagnose problems. We’d recommend if you are concerned about hacking, to get a professional to take a look. Sometimes the effects of hacking can linger long after the supposed problem is fixed.