Using WordPress to make an online store – top tools

Using three simple tools, we tell you how you can start selling online.

1) WordPress

We’ve used WordPress for a number of years with our clients, as the software that runs their websites. We think it’s a great tool. If you haven’t got it yet, check it out here:

So how does it go for selling online? WordPress does not have a built in store, but you can find many from the WordPress plugin directory. It’s sometimes hard to filter these though as there are a number out there.

2) WP e-commerce

We struggled a number of years ago finding a good plugin for WordPress that did great online stores. Now though, we’ve found one that we think is the best out there – it’s called WP e-commerce and you can download it here:

The software is free, but you can upgrade to the Gold Cart for more options and more payment options, for $40US.

Like anything, WP e-commerce has its flaws. But it’s come a very long way in the past 3 years and we congratulate their team on the hard work they’ve put into it to make it so much better.

3) for design

Making a design for your online store could be quite costly if you don’t know how to code yourself. So we were really happy to discover these guys:

(note we are an affiliate)

Not only do they have some fantastic website designs built specifically for WordPress and WP e-commerce, but they also provide support, have online demo’s, screenshots and even videos showing what their software can do. Buying one of the designs is just $39US, and changing it to suit your website is pretty easy for the basics.


All in all, using this combination of software for your online store we believe is really advantageous. If you haven’t tried them out, please check them out.

If you need support, please contact us about how we could assist.