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There’s no doubt that WordPress is a wonderful tool for businesses and individuals who need a professional looking, easily customisable website. However, like everything else on the internet, WordPress sites are susceptible to hackers who will attack your site and make a complete mess of it, frustrating your customers and endangering their own online security in the process.

And whilst you can find plenty of advice online on how to fix your WordPress website from hackers, a lot of it is quite technical and all of it is extremely time-consuming. And even if you do manage to fix your site yourself, hackers usually use automated scripts, which will return to a site that has a vulnerability and repeatedly attack it, meaning your site will likely be hacked again shortly after you get it fixed.

And every minute that your site is in a compromised state, your customers grow increasingly frustrated and continue to lose trust in your site and your company. In a worst case scenario, Google and web browsers might even start blocking your site, which is essentially a death knell for it. And if your company is mostly online, it could signal the end to all your hard work. (If you know that your website has been hacked, click here to contact us to start the process of fixing it ASAP.)

So what can you do?

That is where OPMC comes in.

We can not only fix your WordPress site once it’s been hacked, but we can also monitor it on a continual basis and even host the site on our secure servers, helping to prevent future attacks from occurring.

OPMC does all the work fixing your site while you continue with your day to day business, leaving the headache of finding and repairing the problem to us. We find out how the site has been compromised, fixing the problem and patching up any security holes.

And we act quickly. And acting quickly is one of the best lines of defence against a hacked website because the longer it stays compromised, the worse the problem gets.

How much does it cost?

Much like fixing a car, the cost depends largely on what is wrong with the site and other factors like the size of the site.

What frustrates many WordPress users when their sites are compromised is that fixing the initial problem doesn’t always stop the issues. Even after getting their websites back up and running properly, many WordPress users that have been hacked find that the problem pops right back up again. That’s because hackers often install automated scripts, meaning that they just keep running automatically and will continue to do so until they are actually located and removed.

You can think of it like dealing with a leaky ceiling. Once it stops raining, you can patch your ceiling and repaint it and it will look fine. But the next time it rains, you’ll just be dealing with a leaking ceiling again. You actually have to find the root problem — where the water is coming in — and fix that problem before you actually fix your ceiling.

These automated scripts will continue to cause havoc to a hacked website until they are dealt with, which is where OPMC can really help you.

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Our Process

  1. We do an initial complimentary assessment and give you feedback on your site’s problem and an approximate timeframe for fixing the site.
  2. We do an initial clean up of your site and “sanitise” it so the immediate problem is dealt with.
  3. Once the immediate problem is resolved, OPMC will assess your site’s software and perform a managed upgrade of the software on the site.
  4. We assess the plugins on your site and locate vulnerabilities in their code.
  5. OPMC will give you optional security upgrades for your compromised plugins to ensure they do not continue to be vulnerable spots for your site.
  6. We also provide the option of ongoing security monitoring for your site to prevent any further attacks and the option of hosting your site with OPMC.

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What you get when you host with OPMC

OPMC specialises in WordPress website security and we offer the following ongoing services:

  • Secure WordPress website hosting
  • Continual security monitoring of your WordPress website
  • One week’s worth of site backup information to return your site to normal once any hacking related issues have been eradicated
  • Immediate and thorough repair of any website security breach (also offered for non-OPMC hosted sites)
  • Regular off-site backups, in case a problem isn’t spotted immediately.

Remember that not all website developers are skilled in resolving hacking problems and dealing to website security. Just because somebody designed your site does not mean they will be able to do anything about a security breach. It’s best to leave the security of your site in the hands of the security experts.

If your WordPress website has been hacked, contact us here for an initial complementary assessment and we will be happy to help you get your site back up and running and make sure it’s as secure as possible.

An open letter from the Director:

Hi and thanks for visiting OPMC.

My name is Chris I am the director here.

In 2008 we had a client’s website hacked for the first time. We were unsure exactly what to do, despite having many years of experience with websites.

The client was incredibly frustrated and we weren’t able to solve the problem quickly.

Even when we did fix the supposed issue, the same problem popped up again the next day.

This triggered us to make it our mission to ensure not only that we would be able to solve hacked website problems quickly in future, but also knowing what to do to make sure they didn’t happen again.

We have since spent over a decade refining our approach – to the point that we will provide a money back guarantee if we are not able to solve the upfront problem.

My promise to you is to fix your hacked website problem as quickly as possible. Often we can do this in a couple of hours.

The area of hacked websites is not always a straightforward thing. After fixing your website, we’ll give you the best advice on ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

I understand that having your website hacked can be a frustrating and stressful experience. My promise to you is that we will aim to fix the problem within a day, and repair your online reputation.

Please, if you just have any questions about your hacked website get in touch with us.

Even if you’re not ready to have it cleaned, please feel free to reach out – our team will happily answer your questions about the process and what you can expect from us at OPMC.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Bryant

Director, OPMC